ORCOTAPE lightweight reinforced pressure-sensitive tapes are used for fabrication and repair of thermal/acoustic bags and blankets, aircraft carpet installation.  Other specialty ORCOFILM® / LAMAGUARD FILMS / ORCOTAPE / LAMART TAPES are available in a variety of configurations, depending on the level of reinforcement, weight and substrate material used.

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roll of tape
ORCOTAPE® Category Specifications Features
LT Hardware  PEEK Tapes MMS01-001   Lightweight, clear PEEK
LT23 MD-TY1  PEEK Tapes BM5-157   Lightweight, metailized PEEK
LT23 TY2  PEEK Tapes BMS5-157   Double-Sided, PEEK
OT-157TN  Polyvinyl Fluoride (Tedlar®) Tapes BMS5-157/DMS 1984  Metalized PVF
OT-40N - Boeing Specification: BMS 5-133  AIRCRAFT CARPET TAPES BMS5-133, BAMS535-002  Double-sided, differential tack.
OT-41N  AIRCRAFT CARPET TAPES FAR 25.853  Double-sided, diff.tack, reverse-wound
OT-46N  Polyvinyl Fluoride (Tedlar®) Tapes BMS5-157  Double-sided, PVF

Some of the previous generation ORCOFILM products designed before the 14 CFR Part (FAR) 25.856 (a) was introduced comply only with 14 CFR Part (FAR) 25.855 and 14 CFR Part (FAR) 25.853 requirements. As Industry is switching to 14 CFR Part (FAR) 25.856 (a) - compliant materials, ORCON has phased out all insulation covering films that do not meet the new requirements of the new FAA Rule. For older generation materials, we suggest you consider replacement options chart below.

Previous Generation ORCOTAPE® Replacements

ORCOTAPE® Replaces
LT Hardware  OT 258C
LT23 MD-TY1  OT 260
LT23 TY2  OT 246
OT-157TN  OT-157, OT-36W, OT-47W, OT-49W, OT-54W, OT-157T
OT-40N - Boeing Specification: BMS 5-133  OT-40
OT-41N  OT-41