ORCON Aerospace provides insulation products for various military aircraft platforms.  We provide bulk roll insulation's fabricated per OEM specifications for Lockheed C.130 and C-5 aircraft.  Boeing CH-47, Bell UH-1 and other U.S. military platforms.  Bulk rolls are used to fabricate sidewall insulation blankets, HVAC insulation duct blankets, and between frame insulation batting's or blankets per OEM requirements.  We supply headliner, floor-mat, binding tape, trim fabrics, glass cloth, thread, and hardware to OEM Military specifications and various MIL-SPEC or SAE standards. ORCON also has the capability to fabricate "built to print' insulation assemblies per customer supplied drawings, or by reverse engineering customer supplied blanket assemblies.  If you do not see your application list, please contact ORCON Aerospace Customer Service, or for technical information contact our Military Sales Manager.

c-130 aircraft

Lockheed C-130 Cargo Aircraft

  • STM26-703 Sidewall Insulation Material
  • STM26-702 Between Frame Insulation Material
  • LACG-597 Duct Insulation Material
  • STM26-103 Blanket Trim Fabric & Binding Tapes
  • STM22-102 Blanket Backing/Covering Material & Repair Tape

Lockheed C-5 Cargo Aircraft

  • AMS-I-7171 (was MIL-I-7171) Sidewall Insulation Material
  • MIL-C-22787 Blanket Trim Fabric & Binding Tapes
  • STM26-603 Duct Insulation Material
  • STM26-103 Blanket Trim Fabric & Binding Tapes

Boeing CH-47

  • D8-0883 Sidewall Insulation Material
  • Trim Fabrics & Binding Tapes

Bell UH-1 "Huey"

  • BS-151-010 Sidewall Insulation Material

The sale of military products are subject to all United States export laws and regulations.