Lightweight reinforced insulation covering films were specifically designed for fabrication of thermal/ acoustic insulation bags and blankets. ORCOFILM® products provide a durable and lightweight moisture barrier. Most ORCOFILM® products are optimized for impulse and ultrasonic heat sealing that guarantees their outstanding performance characteristics with current insulation blanket manufacturing processes.

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roll of film
AN-54W Polyvinyl Fluoride (Tedlar®) FilmsBMS8-377, DMS 2450C, DMS 2315 Metalized, stitchable and heat-sealable
AN-57W Polyvinyl Fluoride (Tedlar®) FilmsBMS8-377 Metalized and stitchable only
LAMAGUARD-10P PEKK FilmsLAMS-1010-TY1 Lightweight, heat-sealable
LAMAGUARD-30A-TY2-CL2 PEKK FilmsBMS8-380  Lightweight, heat-sealable
LAMAGUARD-400HR ECTFE (Halar®) FilmsBMS8-377  Lightweight, heat-sealable

Some of the previous generation ORCOFILM products designed before the 14 CFR Part (FAR) 25.856 (a) was introduced comply only with 14 CFR Part (FAR) 25.855 and 14 CFR Part (FAR) 25.853 requirements. As Industry is switching to 14 CFR Part (FAR) 25.856 (a) - compliant materials, ORCON has phased out all insulation covering films that do not meet the new requirements of the new FAA Rule. For older generation materials, we suggest you consider replacement options chart below.

Previous Generation ORCOFILM® Replacements

AN-54W AN-47W