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Lightweight Insulation Covering Films utilizing cutting-edge polymers, reinforcing materials, adhesives and coatings. Orcofilms have been a long-standing product in the industry used across all platforms. Whether OEM Commercial, Military or aftermarket, we have a product to fit your needs.


The Flame Retardant Pressure Sensitive Tape line is utilized in almost every aspect of the Aircraft Insulation industry. Tapes can be used in the manufacturing of insulation blankets, to repair in the field or incorporated into composite and ducting systems. Again, these tapes are used in almost every commercial or military program and are a trusted name in the industry.


Orcon's Blanket-in-a-Box is the premiere choice for MRO facilities, Airlines and Quick-Repair OEM situations alike. The system combines the properly specified Insulation Batting, Film and Tape for any given program. The ease by which to replace sidewall and lower lobe insulation with an off the shelf box of material is unique. We carry a solution for almost any commercial program from McDonnell Douglas to present day new builds.


Proud Supplier and Authorized Distributor of Johns Manville Fiberglass and felts in the Aerospace market. The materials are used to make Thermal Acoustical Insulation Blankets installed in the sidewall of the aircraft in conjunction with the covering films and tapes.


Orcon holds STC's for many aircraft. We have the ability to provide the entire insulation system in a refurbishment or conversion, as well as portions of the system when needed. Using STC kits allows for speed of insulation replacement, a tremendous benefit to any MRO working in the field.


Lightweight, thermoplastic sheet designed to elevate aircraft insulation blankets off the aircraft fuselage skin.


Orcon has been a proud supplier to various Military programs for decades. Our unique capability to handle a wide range of substrates coupled with the skill set of sewing or quilting allows us to supply almost any design requirement.


Orcon Space Films are highly engineered products which are incorporated into many satellite and launch programs providing superior insulation properties. They are manufactured with high-end polymers, specialty coatings and are the most unique combination of performance and weight in the market. They can be dialed into an atmospheric condition and are unmatched in the market.


Custom designed thermal/acoustic insulation blankets and kits for busses and rail applications. Lightweight, moisture resistant and flame retardant designed to comply with DOT MVSS302 requirements.