Laminates and Coated Products Engineered for the Graphic Arts Industry

STANDARD CONSTRUCTION: Nominal 8.0 mil static PVC /
60 lb. kromekote liner (no adhesive)

ALTERNATIVE CONSTRUCTIONS: Colors available on special order; other
liners are available

FEATURES: “Cling” qualities of PVC allow adhesion to most
clean, smooth surfaces without the use of adhesive.
PVC is coated with a barrier coat to minimize plasticizer
migration and improve printabiltiy.

APPLICATIONS: Ultimate removability. Point of purchase displays. Temporary signs. Seasonal decorations.

PRINTING METHODS (topcoated): Flexographic, Letterpress, Offset, Screen

CHEMICAL PROPERTIES: Solvent Resistance: Poor
Water Resistance: Fair
Humidity Resistance: Fair


Thickness:0.012 mil +/- 10% ASTM-D-3652 
Service Life:2 years
Clear: None
White: Good
(interior applications) 
Dimensional Stability:Fair
Application Temperature: 50 degrees F. minimum 
Shelf Life: 1 year when stored under conditions of
70 degrees F. (21 degrees C.) and 50% R.H. 
Service Temperature:– 40 to 150 deg. F. 
P/N 6715rev.1 05/05/03


Physical and performance values and characteristics shown above are obtained through recommended test procedures. The above values do not represent a guarantee of product performance and are not intended for use in determining engineering specifications. Values represent nominal and average values; individual roll values may vary from average values indicated on the datasheet. User is responsible for determining suitability and fitness for use. User assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith. Seller assumes no liability beyond the replacement value of material.



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