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Creating High Performance Tapes

We are laser-focused on creating a product that exceeds our customers expectations and industry standards, every time. Our solutions are not only high performance, but also innovative, cutting edge, and dynamic. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the best solution for the most challenging of substrates at a price that is reasonable and won’t break the budget that you are working within.

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How Our Applications Can Improve Your Outcomes

Careful customization is at the core of all of our silicone, rubber, and acrylic adhesives whether using solvent-based, or water-based technologies to produce single or double coated tapes and transfer adhesives.

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Our roll to roll coating includes slot die, gravure in direct, reverse, and offset options, as well as nip fed reverse roll for solvent and water based adhesives as well and heat activated adhesives.

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Our roll to roll laminating can be done in various ways which includes inline hot nip, offline hot nip, inline transfer, or offline transfer for raw materials either provided by you or from our extensive resource collection.

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We can also convert a wide range of materials that you provide to create the product you need for your solution using our splitter and spooler so that the size comes out just right.

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Superior Product Testing

Our testing parameters are extensive and thorough to ensure your product will perform as expected. Below are some of our testing parameters:

  • Adhesion
  • Substrate Bonding
  • Conductivity
  • Outgassing
  • Shear
  • Temperature

Our Product Development Process is Built For You

Over the years, we have developed a customer-centric approach to adhesive tapes for both standard and custom products.

Component 86 – 112

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Component 86 – 112

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