Adhesives For Medical Applications

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Performing Medical Coating

Whether you are a patient or a healthcare provider, our pressure sensitive acrylic and rubber tapes are designed specifically for medical applications.
Our long history with medical device, pharmaceutical and wound care companies speaks for itself. Our technical team and process engineers can identify any number of adhesives, medical laminates and/or tapes to fit your needs. We specialize in very precise coatings, lightweight materials and other unique applications.


Medically Informed Products

Our adhesives are uniquely designed with the medical field in mind from drug delivery polymers to medical electronic devices and medical tapes. Our adhesives make medical device manufacturing + patient care effective and cost-efficient.

Component 86 – 112
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Whether you need an adhesive to be transdermal or waterproof or anything in between, we can provide a finish that ensures your adhesive sticks.

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Lamart believes two things: quality and consistency are the most important elements in the medical industry. We create adhesives that will adhere safely and securely to the skin. We have the experience, resources and expertise to make your transdermal project a success whether you require silicone, hotmelts, water-based, solvent acrylics or UV acrylics.

Our Medical-grade tapes are innovative and ideal for wound care, electrodes, surgical drapes, wearable devices and consumer/health and beauty applications. Our relationships with suppliers allows us to offer materials that are of the highest quality and developed with cutting edge technology.

The same holds true for medical device adhesives - we produce tapes that are reliable and contain electrically conductive materials & adhesives, r, and film materials. These types of solutions can be especially helpful in cardio and neuro stimulation devices, moisture detecting sensors, and much more.

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Medical Coating Applications

Our medical tapes are extensive, certified and approved by governing bodies. Whether it’s tapes for your medical device or tapes for wound care, we have a solution to fit your unique needs.

  • Transdermal adhesives
  • FDA approved adhesives
  • Tamper evident laminates to prevent contamination.
  • Base layers for diagnostic test strips or devices.
  • Lamaguard® Disposable Gown LGDG-IML
  • Private Label Wound Care
  • Silicone Foam, Superabsorbent, Polyurethane Dressings
  • Honey-Coated Dressings
  • Amorphus Hydrogels
  • Silicone Wound Contact Layer

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Component 86 – 112

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