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Laminate Products Glossary

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Service Temperature
We use this metric to help describe and characterize adhesives temperature resistance and work together with customers to determine which temperature would be best for their product to work under. The practical service temperature of any adhesives system is reliant on the suvrates being bonded, environment, and loading method.
Shelf Life
Our products have a shelf life of one year, after which point, they are considered expired and not recommended for use.
Lamart manufactures silicone adhesives and also uses it in release coating for liner production. It is used in the manufacturing of pressure sensitive adhesives, as well.
Single Coated Tape
This tape is one sided and as such only has adhesive applied to one side. Contact sales for more detailed information.
Slitting Width
Our minimum and maximum slitting widths vary by product. Refer to our other resources here for a more detailed breakdown.
Storage Conditions
We recommend storage conditions between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Ideally, 75 degrees Fahrenheit at 50% Humidity. Products should be stored out of direct sunlight and any rolled product should be stored upright.
Surface Energy
SE in dynes/cm is a measure of an adhesive’s ability to wet out over a surface it’s applied to. Substrates that have a low surface energy aka LSE do not easily allow adhesives to wet out while materials with a high surface energy HSE are a better bonding option. Rubber based adhesives bond better to LSE and generally speaking some LSE substrates can improve with time.
Surface Preparation
Surfaces receiving PSAs must be clean, dry, and free from grease or oil.

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