Coating + Slitting For the Energy Systems Industry

Precise techniques developed specifically for batteries.


Performing Energy Systems Coating

Precise coating and slitting techniques allow Lamart to apply conductive primers on thin foil substrates that are used as current collectors in batteries. In line treatment of these materials eliminates, or greatly reduces, surface contamination, which enables better coating adhesion and increased product yields. Because of the demanding requirements of these processes, Lamart's customers normally specify which materials will be used.

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Customized Energy Systems Solutions

Lamart has designed processes to make laminated and coated structures used in the manufacturing of fuel cells and solar collectors. We work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs, then decide how to develop the processes and products that work best with their particular technologies.

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Hard (H-19) aluminum foil and ED copper foil as thin as 0.0007" (17.8 microns) are primed and slit using Lamart's precision manufacturing equipment. Sensitive web handling techniques minimize stress on the foil during processing to maximum yields.

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Lamart's 13" (330mm) wide lab coater, with 25 foot (7.6m), 3 zone drying oven, can be used to coat catalyst slurries on a carbon substrate to make gas diffusion layers - GDL - or to laminate GDLs to membrane electrode assemblies - MEA.

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We will ensure that your laminated and coated product is primed for fuel cells and solar collectors. Our process is designed with you in mind so we ensure that sensitive web handling techniques minimize stress on foil during the processing to maximize yields and minimize surface contamination to enable better coating adhesion, as well.

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Energy Systems Coating Applications

From fuel cells to batteries to solar collectors, we have the application for you.

  • Pre-Production Priming
  • High Product Yields
  • Quality Assured Process
  • Precise Coating
  • Conductive Primers
  • Low-Levels of Contamination

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Component 86 – 112

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