What is Foil Tape Used For? [FAQ + Tips]

what is foil tape used for FAQ + Tipss

Foil adhesive tapes are exceptionally versatile and long-lasting solutions for harsh and severe applications. Unswerving adhesion, electrical and thermal conductivity, as well as chemical, UV radiation, and humidity resistance, make foil tapes an ideal option for extreme uses. In most cases, foil tapes are used mainly outdoors because these adhesive tapes can withstand various elements…

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The Complete Guide to Using Tape for Insulation Seams

the complete guide to using tape for insulation seams

There are dozens of architectural design elements to consider when building a house, but the most critical element is keeping out water and wind. That is why finding the right tape for insulation seams is vital in home and building construction. It only takes one leak to compromise the entire structure. Why Seaming Tape is…

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Aerospace Manufacturing: Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Materials

Aerospace Manufacturing Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Materials

Passengers’ and flight crew comfort is ensured by adequate regulation of the atmosphere within an airplane. Temperatures on the fuselage skin may fluctuate from –60°F in flight to 160°F while parked in bright sunshine, posing a hazard to the cabin’s interior temperature. Furthermore, the aircraft’s engine and aerodynamics of flight produce a significant quantity of…

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Utilizing EMI Shielding Laminates in Automotive Manufacturing


Many modern vehicles feature significant functions, like Bluetooth, electric windows, GPS, and self-driving functionalities. These features and functionalities, coupled with electric vehicle technology, make electromagnetic shielding a concern in the automotive industry. Electromagnetic interference, if not controlled, may damage components or cause electronic malfunctions and errors on vehicle equipment. EMI shielding minimizes such problems by…

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