Adhesive Tapes | Types, Benefits, and Industrial Applications

adhesive tapes types benefits and industrial applications

If you run an automotive, aerospace, or industrial business, you are no stranger to the power of adhesive tape. Various adhesive tapes offer distinct benefits and purposes, so you need the right adhesive tape to do each job properly. Keep reading to learn everything about adhesive tapes, applications and tape adhesion strength. What Is Adhesive…

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The Guide to Using OCA Films to Create Stunning Displays

the guide to using oca films to create stunning displays

Optically Clear Adhesive (OCA) films create a glowing and brilliant picture for touch screens on mobile smart devices and interactive displays.  OCA films assist mobile smart devices in projecting a clear, crisp and detailed image for users. Without high-quality film screens, a user’s interaction with a device would be nothing like the clear picture we…

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A Guide to Ink Receptive Coating for Digital Printing

a guide to ink receptive coating for digital printing

Ink receptive technology is a new, innovative technology that tackles the challenges of how different substrates absorb ink. Ink receptive coatings are designed for paper, textiles, and films with fast ink dry time, high print quality, and improved ink adhesion. This guide covers the different types of coatings, what to consider when choosing a coating,…

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What are Biocompatible Adhesives? The Ultimate Guide

what are biocompatible adhesives the ultimate guide

As the VP of product development, you owe it to your company to select the right pressure sensitive adhesive for your medical tapes. The products that you source should be high quality and match your performance needs. Most importantly, they need to be safe for human use without severe adverse effects.  We’ve put together this…

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The Use of FTIR Analysis in Adhesive Manufacturing

the use of FTIR Analysis in adhesive manufacturing

FTIR stands for Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy. It is a versatile technique used to identify the quality of the adhesives’ raw materials and the finished product. It helps to point out any organic, inorganic, or polymeric features which could cause inconsistencies in the final product. We cannot underestimate the importance of adhesives in today’s world.…

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Understanding Pressure Sensitive Adhesives and How They’re Made

understanding pressure sensitive adhesives and how theyre made

Pressure-sensitive adhesives, also known as PSAs are used in the manufacturing of many products, as well as hundreds of other products. Their applications span across every industry, making them a crucial part of today’s infrastructure. This is your guide to pressure-sensitive adhesives, what they are, and how they are made. What are Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives? A…

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Custom Adhesive Coating: How to Choose the Right One

custom adhesive coating how to choose the right one

In recent years, weight saving has grown into a major trend in the automotive and aerospace sectors. As such, one of the main areas manufacturers are continuously exploring is how to make their vehicles and aircrafts lighter. Whereas in the consumers’ eyes, this may seem like a competition for speed, it’s much more than that.…

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