What are Biocompatible Adhesives? The Ultimate Guide

what are biocompatible adhesives the ultimate guide

As the VP of product development, you owe it to your company to select the right pressure sensitive adhesive for your medical tapes. The products that you source should be high quality and match your performance needs. Most importantly, they need to be safe for human use without severe adverse effects.  We’ve put together this…

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The Use of FTIR Analysis in Adhesive Manufacturing

the use of FTIR Analysis in adhesive manufacturing

FTIR stands for Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy. It is a versatile technique used to identify the quality of the adhesives’ raw materials and the finished product. It helps to point out any organic, inorganic, or polymeric features which could cause inconsistencies in the final product. We cannot underestimate the importance of adhesives in today’s world.…

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What is Toll Manufacturing? Everything You Should Consider

what is toll manufacturing everything you should consider

Toll manufacturing, simply put, is the arrangement where one company processes materials for another. Outsourcing your manufacturing process or part of it to a reputable company is a cost-efficient way to produce your product or raw materials. It would help if you had a partner with specialized equipment, organizational systems, and skilled labor already in…

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