Understanding Pressure Sensitive Adhesives and How They’re Made

understanding pressure sensitive adhesives and how theyre made

Pressure-sensitive adhesives, also known as PSAs are used in the manufacturing of many products, as well as hundreds of other products. Their applications span across every industry, making them a crucial part of today’s infrastructure. This is your guide to pressure-sensitive adhesives, what they are, and how they are made. What are Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives? A…

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Custom Adhesive Coating: How to Choose the Right One

custom adhesive coating how to choose the right one

In recent years, weight saving has grown into a major trend in the automotive and aerospace sectors. As such, one of the main areas manufacturers are continuously exploring is how to make their vehicles and aircrafts lighter. Whereas in the consumers’ eyes, this may seem like a competition for speed, it’s much more than that.…

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What is Foil Tape Used For? [FAQ + Tips]

what is foil tape used for FAQ + Tipss

Foil adhesive tapes are exceptionally versatile and long-lasting solutions for harsh and severe applications. Unswerving adhesion, electrical and thermal conductivity, as well as chemical, UV radiation, and humidity resistance, make foil tapes an ideal option for extreme uses. In most cases, foil tapes are used mainly outdoors because these adhesive tapes can withstand various elements…

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