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A NASA-trusted partner to create lightweight covering films for space.


Why You Should Trust Us

NASA has been a long-time partner of ours in the aerospace industry. Together, we developed insulation that was suitable for space exploration.

Here at Lamart, we have a long history of working with aerospace partners to create truly innovative products. For instance, we developed APK®, the lightest weight thermal & acoustic insulation covering film that passes the radiant panel test. We were the first to develop a light weight polyimide thermal & acoustic insulation covering film and to receive a letter of compliance from the FAA for radiant panel certification testing of insulation covering films.

When we say we innovate, we have a track record that proves it. NASA has been a trusted partner of ours.

We developed laminated material for NASA, to be used to make airships for communications platforms for both earth based and extraterrestrial programs and also developed a radiation resistant heat reflector for weather satellites. Additionally, we partnered with NASA to develop a heat reflective component in America’s first space suit.

More recently, Lamart was chosen to develop a low permeation construction envelope material for an aerobot vehicle that is being designed for a mission to Titan, a moon of Saturn.

And finally, we developed a laminated material used in rescue balloons that has helped save hundreds of servicemen from behind enemy lines.

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Aerospace Coating Solutions

Thermal and acoustic insulation for aerospace projects. We manufacture APK®(PEKK),PEEK, PVF, polyimide, and polyester covering films. The APK®, PEEK, PVF and polymide films pass FAR 25.856(a). Our films are especially successful in heat sealing and stitching, thread adhesion, puncture resistance, and permeance. There’s no better partner for your aerospace needs.

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We offer covering films for acoustic and thermal insulation like APK/PEEK, PVF, and Polyester. We also offer lightweight covering films for aircraft and OEM covering film friendly brands like Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer, and Gulfstream.


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Our tapes come in a variety of sizes whether your project requires a heat reflective or low permeation construction or any type of high performance, engineered material.

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Aluminum, light weight, laminated, and heat reflective are just some of the uses of our tapes and laminates that are used for our aerospace partners. Having been trusted by leaders in the industry for decades, we know we can provide you with the product that has the finish you need to develop a high quality product.

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Aerospace Coating Applications

Lamart's films have proven to be easy to use during the blanket fabrication process, and are exceptional in the areas of:

  • Heat Sealing and Stitching
  • Thread Adhesion
  • Puncture Resistance
  • Permeance

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