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Custom Coating and Laminating

Lamart is an asset to its customers because we listen to what they are trying to accomplish, then work with them to design and manufacture products that meet their exact needs. Some of our customers supply their own unique raw materials while others take advantage of Lamart's extensive resources. Proprietary arrangements are common with these types of projects, and unique technologies are protected with bilateral secrecy agreements.


  • NASA selected Lamart to develop a composite material for use as the envelope for an unmanned space vehicle that will be used as an aerial explorer around Saturn's moon, Titan.
  • Designed and manufactured laminated sail cloth that is used on the majority of world class sailing craft
  • Developed unique processes to make components for a new generation of light weight batteries
  • Developed the envelope for a rescue balloon that helped lift hundreds of US servicemen from behind enemy lines
  • Lead the way in providing the lightest weight, flame resistant insulation covering film for the aircraft industry, based on a polymer that had yet to be made in film form

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