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150-3 150-5 150-10
150-3L 150-5L 150-10L

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Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene film with an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive. 50DK silicone release liner available.


  • UHMW has a low coefficient of friction, therefore offers excellent abrasion resistance. 
  • Perfect for sound dampening applications in the appliance and transportation industries and for conveyance applications where a slick, wear resistant surface is needed.
  • Available in both logs and slit rolls.
  150-3 150-5 150-10     
Film Thickness: 0.003" 0.005" 0.010"  (+/- 10%)  ASTM-D-3652 
Adhesive Thickness: 0.0018" 0.0018" 0.0018"  (+/- 10%)  ASTM-D-3652 
Total Thickness: 0.0048" 0.0068" 0.0118"  (+/- 10%) ASTM-D-3652 
Liner Thickness: 0.0032" 0.0032" 0.0032"  (+/-10%) ASTM-D-3652
Adhesion to Steel: 35 oz./inch 40 oz./inch 28 oz./inch    ASTM-D-1000
(15 min. dwell)
Breaking Strength: 18# 30# 60#  (lbs/inch of width)  ASTM-D-882 
Elongation: 270% 300% 450%   ASTM-D-882 
Taber Abrasion: < 2.0 mg < 2.0 mg < 2.0 mg  (mg mass loss)  SAE-J-1847 
Dry Dynamic Coefficient
of Friction:
0.11-0.25 0.11-0.25 0.11-0.25    ASTM-D-1894 
Shelf Life: 1 year when stored under conditions of 70 degrees F. (21 degrees C.) and 50% R.H.        
P/N: self wound:  689 6903  6904  
  linered:  6997  6998   6999  Date 1/31/95 


Physical and performance values and characteristics shown above are obtained through recommended test procedures. The above values do not represent a guarantee of product performance and are not intended for use in determining engineering specifications. Values represent nominal and average values; individual roll values may vary from average values indicated on the datasheet. User is responsible for determining suitability and fitness for use. User assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith. Seller assumes no liability beyond the replacement value of material.

Table set 2
Part # 6904
Backing Material UHMW
Description 10 mil UHMW film with acrylic adhesive. This product is available with a liner or self wound.
Applications Heavy-duty ultra high molecular weight polyethylene film with an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive designed for squeek and rattle applications in the appliance and transportation industries.

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