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  • Easy to apply
  • An aggressive all-weather acrylic adhesive system
  • Tear resistant
  • Puncture resistant
  • Performs well over a wide range of environmental conditions
  • Durable vapor barrier
  • Excellent self adhesion
  • Superior resistance to UV exposure, weathering and mold
  • White
  • Embossed
Test Typical Values(English) Typical Values(metric)  Test Method
Total Thickness without Liner  10.2 mils  0.259-mm  PSTC-133 
Peel Adhesion to Stainless Steel  100-oz/in  28.4-N/25mm  PSTC-101 
Self Seal Peel Adhesion  65-oz/in  18.5-N/25mm  PSTC-101 
Shear Adhesion  >72 hours @2.2 psi  >72 hours @15.2kPa  PSTC-107 
Tensile Strength 70-lbs/in 318-N/25mm  PSTC-131 
Elongation  83%  83%  PSTC-131 
Permeance  0.00 perms  0.00 perms  ASTM E 96 
Burst Strength  >120-lbs/in  >545N/25mm  Fed. Std. 191 
Puncture Resistance  43.3-lb  193-N  ASTM D 1000 
Tear Strength  8.3-lbs  37-N  ASTM D 624 
Application Temperature Range  -25F to 248F  -32C to 120C  HC Internal
Minimum Continuous Use Temperature  -30F  -34C  HC Internal 
Maximum Continuous Use Temperature  270F  135C  HC Internal 
Surface Burning Characteristics  ≤25 Flame
<50 Smoke 
≤25 Flame
<50 Smoke 
UL 723*
ASTM E 84 

*Tested in accordance with UL 723

Application surface must be clean, dry and free of contaminants. Apply pressure with plastic squeegee.

Under ideal storage conditions of 60F to 80F and low humidity, shelf life is one year from date of purchase.


Roll Width Roll Length Rolls/Cartons
23-in  150-ft
30-in 150-ft 
35.5-in 150-ft 
40-in 150-ft


Physical and performance values and characteristics shown above are obtained through recommended test procedures. The above values do not represent a guarantee of product performance. Values represent nominal and average values; individual roll values may vary from average values indicated on the data sheet. User is responsible for determining suitability and fitness for use.

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